You’ll Be Missed..

I started working at Colonial Motor Lodge in 2015, and my boss is Alison Beller. We have had our ups and downs, but all in all, she is a pretty cool person to work with. Unfortunately on Saturday August 27, 2016, at around 5pm, Alison suffered a heart attack and has been on life support ever since. Her son Chris has taken over her job. Today he told me that the doctors are not optimistic and that it was up to him and his sisters to decide what to do. Alison was adamant that if she was ever on life support that she didn’t want to be on it if the prognosis was bleak. Tonight her kids visited her and as a group decided to remove support tomorrow. I am very sad and unsure what it will be like without her here. She will be missed greatly and I appreciate the time she spent trying to make me a better person. Rest in peace, my friend…


Life in Hell..

He once was a hero among villains to you, your Knight in shining armor. But one day for no real reason at all, he switches to the worst evil you’ve ever encountered. He calls you names, smashes your things, and may even strike you. It’s all you can do to keep him from blowing up in your face. I am here to tell you, it’s not going to get better. His apologies are empty and the control he has over you is all that keeps him going. Get out, leave, find a place to go and escape from the hell. Or be prepared for the possibility of him killing you or you killing yourself. No one has the right to do this to you. I know because I am in that hell as I write this and I am trying to convince myself all these things. Please pray for me….

Cigarettes Suck

I started smoking when I was just eleven years old and I did it because it was something that I could get away with behind my adoptive parents backs. I was addicted immediately and I was up to two packs a day by age 17. I have had many lung issues because of it and I am down to about a pack daily now at age 38. I have tried to quit several times but no luck. I am so pissed off at myself for ever starting. Hell, right now I am out of cigarettes and am re-rolling butts from Walmart ashtrays. I am here to tell you, cigarettes really freaking suck..