Just Because (1/28/2017)

Just because I am a homeless person

that doesn’t mean I’m a piece of shit

I’m not a bad person who deserves this

Don’t deserve the hateful words I get

I’m just having a hard time with my life

Just remember, I was once just like all of you

Had a job, a place to rest my head at night

But things got messed up, so this is what I had to do

So when you see me, please don’t make fun

I’m already depressed and feeling I’ve lost my way

I’m just a person with no luck in my life

Just trying to survive one more crazy day


DEBBIE (1/21/2017)

Debbie is a good friend of mine, wife to the late Earnie , and has been on the streets since she was a teenager. Growing up in the custody of the state, just like I did. I sat beside her as she flew her sign and we shared good memories of Earnie together. “Carrie, he was my best friend in the world,” she said, words stammering from her tear streamed face. We talked for hours, only interrupted by a nice Christian lady who brought each of us a sandwich and promised Debbie a ride to church the next day. When the time came for me to go, Debbie smiled up at me and said,”Thanks for being here with me today, it was great just be able to vent.” I smiled and left, knowing that it didn’t just help her, but was very beneficial to me as well.

UPDATE: Earnie….

I had written a blog awhile back about my homeless buddy, Earnie, and his troubles with his mentally unstable wife…unfortunately, on December 26th, my buddy passed out in his little camp chair, had heart failure and passed away. His wife,Debbie, discovered him blue faced and slumped over. She came to me the next day and told me what had happened, and she asked me (with obvious excruciating pain in her soul) “What do I do? He was my best friend…”. All I could do was begin to sob and hug her tight and let her know that I would be here for her. Rest in peace, brother Earnie….