Review: FLAME

I have listened to every type of music out there but I was shocked to hear about Christian rap music. I was thinking it would be corny but I found a great man named Flame, who showed me different. I love the words and music so much I downloaded it to my library. He is from St Louis MO. I am glad that I decided to give him a listen or I would be missing out for real. You should check him out on YouTube and find out!


Please remember me….(by Carrie Roxanne Jones)

(September 25, 2016)
I am so very afraid of death,
Not because life will be over,
But because I am not sure how
And if I will be remembered
at all.
What will happen to my body?
Will anyone claim me or will I be a number,
Another county unmarked grave.
All the people who have truly cared,
The ones that I am sure would be there,
Who would make sure I had a proper goodbye
Have passed on now, so what is my fate?
I beg of you, whoever is listening to me
The one who is waiting to receive my soul
Can I ask one small thing?
Don’t let me be forgotten like the trash…