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What I Grateful For Today

  1. My friend Hippie came by and got me a pack of smokes
  2. My friend Rihanna came by and brought us a big roast beef and cheddar sandwich and chips
  3. Elf brought us burgers and drinks
  4. I’m alive…
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After I Almost Died..

On March 15, 2017, I woke up just like any other day. I ate, applied for a few jobs online, then after noticing that I was nearly out of food and other necessities, I went to the median near my place to fly a sign. I got there, put my bag down, and held up the sign. That’s all I remember before waking up in the middle of the road, screaming to anyone who might hear to please help me. A lady came to me and I told her to please not let me die. This woman said she would stay until the ambulance arrived, stroking my hair and praying for me. Then for the first time ever, it happened. I felt no pain and I heard a soft voice telling me that he was with me and I was surrounded in his love. I knew that God had my back. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. I spent three weeks in the hospital and I have a surgeon appointment for Monday April 24, where I will find out when I can start learning to walk again. I’m so fortunate to be here writing this. God Bless you all!