Thanks For Following Me…

Thanks again for all the people who are now following me. I am still hoping for more followers, so please don’t hesitate if you want to do it, please! I am hoping to reach at least 50 or more by my birthday, December 31!


Why My Goldfish, KLAUS, Is My Best Friend 

I went to Walmart for some food and drinks one day and somehow ended up looking around at the pet area. I noticed the big tanks of fish and saw that the goldfish were only thirty -eight cents, so as an impulse buy, I searched the tank and there he was. A tiny fish came to the front of the tank and straight at me and blew bubbles at me. I immediately decided he was the one. I bought him, took him home and named him KLAUS, after the goldfish on the cartoon American Dad. Since then I have watched him growing and swimming around the fish tank and he has become my best friend. I talk to him and he swims up to me and looks at me like he understands what I am saying. I have been talking to him about whatever is on my mind and I swear he is listening, unlike any of the people in my life. I love to wake up and see him looking all pretty fluttering around and coming up to see me. I have never been so happy spending time with any other pet. I just love him so much.