Wow, it’s me!!

When I was younger, I lost all my baby pictures. It really sucks when you can’t show anyone what you looked like as a baby, especially when they pull out their own photos.

I went on my baby brother’s Facebook page and was shocked to see this picture of me, age 4, with my step dad, Donnie Simons. Thanks to my brother for having it!


From The Accident That Nearly Killed Me (March 15, 2017)

Right after surgery to fix my pelvis and left leg

It hurt to just simply sit up in a chair

Ahh, yes,those pain meds have just kicked in hard…

And Mr Bear was my cuddle buddy…

Right before the staples got removed from my left leg…

My lovely hospital bracelets…

The food at Mercy was actually delicious

Get well wishes…

My buddy Todd Barnes, right after my hospital release on April 7…he helps a lot

Delicious welcome home BBQ from my neighbor, Roger…

Can’t wait to get out of it!!!

Broken scapula (not my 1st time)

The huge metal screw that now holds my pelvis all together..

My left leg now equipped with a metal rod, metal plate, and several sets of metal pins, sure to entertain metal detectors

After I Almost Died..

On March 15, 2017, I woke up just like any other day. I ate, applied for a few jobs online, then after noticing that I was nearly out of food and other necessities, I went to the median near my place to fly a sign. I got there, put my bag down, and held up the sign. That’s all I remember before waking up in the middle of the road, screaming to anyone who might hear to please help me. A lady came to me and I told her to please not let me die. This woman said she would stay until the ambulance arrived, stroking my hair and praying for me. Then for the first time ever, it happened. I felt no pain and I heard a soft voice telling me that he was with me and I was surrounded in his love. I knew that God had my back. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. I spent three weeks in the hospital and I have a surgeon appointment for Monday April 24, where I will find out when I can start learning to walk again. I’m so fortunate to be here writing this. God Bless you all!


Since I lost my job on Christmas Eve, lost to a person who pretended to be a friend, I have to go out and fly a cardboard sign. I don’t know what to do other than that until maybe I should get lucky again someday and get another job. Anyway, flying consists of holding a small cardboard sign, with words such as “Anything helps, Bless you” or “Job Needed, Please pray 4 me”. And I stand in a median for sometimes hours, hoping and praying that someone will be kind enough to give me some change. I have lost a lot of my own self respect, often crying and stressing about how I will survive seeing as some days I get $30-$50+ and some I only get a buck or two. I get called names by people who are passing by in cars, told to “Get a job!”, as though I really want to be standing out in front of strangers looking dumb for hours at hardly any compensation. So I beg of those assholes, please let me be. I want to work, trust me, but I also need to get by sometimes and I don’t steal or prostitute myself, so it’s the only way I have at this time. Prayers please, not hatred….


Tonight as I watch the circus of a motel I live at explode in a drunken stupor, the shuddering from within me is actually a relief signal. I WAS one of those raging psycho drunks hiding behind a tipsy giggle and seeing how Freakin stupid it looks from the now alcohol free version of myself really trips me out. I am so glad that those days are over for me but I feel a slight pity for those who will never escape the wrath of the inebriated beast we all have living secretly inside our souls…it’s a drug, legal or not and I am not too sure that the prohibition era crusaders were really so wrong. Oh well, it’s just my opinion so take it or leave it!