In Memory Of…

On September 4, 2015, my friend Doug, who suffered from PTSD after serving in the military, hung himself at 6:15 pm via Facebook. Here is the memorial tattoo I got for him….


For My Immortal

Left behind, can I deal with this?

Drowning in so much pain and grief now

You hung yourself, abandoned me in life

Am I supposed to forget somehow?

You knew that you could’ve come to me,

We would’ve talked, tried to solve the problems

Worked on our pain together.

Now even more scarred for the rest of my life

You left your misery behind for me to suffer from

Days without you so cold and the sun never shines.

Damn your ghost, always lingering nearby,

I just want to go back in time, scream at you,

Not let you do this to me again, 

But I don’t have that luxury, 

Your body now ashes, 

My brother now blowing away in the winter wind….

Thanks For Following Me…

Thanks again for all the people who are now following me. I am still hoping for more followers, so please don’t hesitate if you want to do it, please! I am hoping to reach at least 50 or more by my birthday, December 31!

My Brother The Immortal 

Left behind, trying to deal with this,

I am drowning in so much grief now,

Decided to die, then hung yourself, went away ,

What, did you think we would forget somehow?

You could’ve came to me and you knew that,

Could’ve talked, worked through the pain,

Now I am scarred for the rest of my life ,

Ended your misery and hell was our unwanted gain.

So the days are a little less sunny, not so warm,

The ghost of you stalking me, always around,

I wanna hug you, then shake you as I scream and shout,

But there is nothing I can do, you’re in the cold ground…