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Vote “No”!

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Thanks For Following Me…

Thanks again for all the people who are now following me. I am still hoping for more followers, so please don’t hesitate if you want to do it, please! I am hoping to reach at least 50 or more by my birthday, December 31!

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2016 Christmas For The Needy

I am excited to be doing this for the second year! From now until Christmas Eve, I am taking donations for clothing, basic necessities, gift cards, and presents for the Needy families in my town. Last year I was able to help 30+ kids and their families have a nice Christmas Day, and I did this (with the help of some generous people) not as an agency, but as an individual. I did all the calls, emails, files, advertising, etc. myself and I hope that this year I can do even more. If you want to help me make Christmas special for needy families , please email me at or text me at (417) 429-8320. Thanks so much and God bless you all!!!

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Falling Out Of Love (Carrie Roxanne Jones, 10/25/16)

Ashamed of myself and you are too

No longer worthy of your love and affection

Apart from you I thrive and I smile

Guess we are No longer headed in the same direction

All of a sudden I am not good enough

Once upon a time you treated me so well

But I have been hiding the truth from even myself

If Love ever resided here nobody can tell

Thanks so much for the time we were okay

It was nice to gain more memories to hold dear

Good luck with the rest of your own life, see ya

I will be fine all alone without you here

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