Life Of Confusion (8/7/2017) by Roxanne Jones

Not sure this time I can take all the pain,

Smiling but deep inside, I’m going insane,

Thought I had a real purpose for being here,

But now I know all I want is to disappear.

Every time I find a new way I can cope

I soon realize I’m beginning to lose my hope

Not sure what is really expected of me

Can’t find the path where I need to be.

At night I cry, hoping for a quick way out

Can’t believe misery is all my life is about

Crashing so hard I’m losing the ability to slow down

Feeling like a stranger in my own hometown

I could truly use some prayer so I can feel protected

Instead of being used and cruelly rejected.


Just Because (1/28/2017)

Just because I am a homeless person

that doesn’t mean I’m a piece of shit

I’m not a bad person who deserves this

Don’t deserve the hateful words I get

I’m just having a hard time with my life

Just remember, I was once just like all of you

Had a job, a place to rest my head at night

But things got messed up, so this is what I had to do

So when you see me, please don’t make fun

I’m already depressed and feeling I’ve lost my way

I’m just a person with no luck in my life

Just trying to survive one more crazy day