Wow, it’s me!!

When I was younger, I lost all my baby pictures. It really sucks when you can’t show anyone what you looked like as a baby, especially when they pull out their own photos.

I went on my baby brother’s Facebook page and was shocked to see this picture of me, age 4, with my step dad, Donnie Simons. Thanks to my brother for having it!


UPDATE: Earnie….

I had written a blog awhile back about my homeless buddy, Earnie, and his troubles with his mentally unstable wife…unfortunately, on December 26th, my buddy passed out in his little camp chair, had heart failure and passed away. His wife,Debbie, discovered him blue faced and slumped over. She came to me the next day and told me what had happened, and she asked me (with obvious excruciating pain in her soul) “What do I do? He was my best friend…”. All I could do was begin to sob and hug her tight and let her know that I would be here for her. Rest in peace, brother Earnie….

Thanks For Following Me…

Thanks again for all the people who are now following me. I am still hoping for more followers, so please don’t hesitate if you want to do it, please! I am hoping to reach at least 50 or more by my birthday, December 31!

2016 Christmas For The Needy

I am excited to be doing this for the second year! From now until Christmas Eve, I am taking donations for clothing, basic necessities, gift cards, and presents for the Needy families in my town. Last year I was able to help 30+ kids and their families have a nice Christmas Day, and I did this (with the help of some generous people) not as an agency, but as an individual. I did all the calls, emails, files, advertising, etc. myself and I hope that this year I can do even more. If you want to help me make Christmas special for needy families , please email me at or text me at (417) 429-8320. Thanks so much and God bless you all!!!

Still Can’t Believe It 

Alison Beller was my boss and friend and suddenly died when she had a heart attack last Saturday. She was only in her 50s, and left behind four kids and grandkids as well. I am having a hard time with this because it was so sudden and unexpected. She was in a spectacular mood immediately before she passed. She was always out moving around and rarely complained about health issues. I don’t understand why this happened. I guess God just needed her now. My friends who are around her age are freaking out because they feel it could also happen to them. I wish I could have seen some signs or symptoms ahead of time, but there’s nothing I can do. I know that Alison hated going to the doctor and now I am thinking about trying to find myself one so I can try to get any health issues I have put in check. I would advise you to do this for yourself so you don’t leave behind loved ones with the questions she has. Love and peace to all.

To My Mom (written for Alison Beller’s Kids)

How do I continue my life 

You were my best friend 

I am so alone and so sad 

But we will meet in the end 

I hope you are in heaven 

Looking down on me today 

I feel like you are with me 

And can hear what I say 

I know I will get through 

I have you in my heart 

I thank God I had you

Even though we had to part