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Life Of Confusion (8/7/2017) by Roxanne Jones

Not sure this time I can take all the pain,

Smiling but deep inside, I’m going insane,

Thought I had a real purpose for being here,

But now I know all I want is to disappear.

Every time I find a new way I can cope

I soon realize I’m beginning to lose my hope

Not sure what is really expected of me

Can’t find the path where I need to be.

At night I cry, hoping for a quick way out

Can’t believe misery is all my life is about

Crashing so hard I’m losing the ability to slow down

Feeling like a stranger in my own hometown

I could truly use some prayer so I can feel protected

Instead of being used and cruelly rejected.

Two of my heroes are gone…

I just feel so depressed..

You guys were Talented beyond most in this world. Millions of people loved you, including your loved ones. I grew up listening to you both belt out the most beautiful lyrics in the Rock world.

And now, both have you have flown away into the clouds and I will live the rest of my life listening to your music and hoping those you left behind can live their lives haunted by your memories…

Rest in eternal peace, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington…