HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016 (10 Things I’m Thankful For)

  1. Having a nice warm bed 
  2. Still breathing
  3. Over three years off the vodka
  4. My few real friends
  5. I am getting to help with Christmas for the Needy
  6. It’s been three years since I’ve been in jail
  7. I finally got the pictures of me from my childhood
  8. Jesus loves me
  9. My job and cool boss
  10. I haven’t screwed up anything major lately

Thanks A lot, America…

 I am writing this as the last of the votes are coming in and wow.. I am so sad thinking about the way things are going to be with Trump as a president. Girls will be molested and ridiculed because the president says it’s ok. The people who are different from what he decides is normal will be chased out of America, back to the hell most came here to escape from. I am not sure what to do myself but I foresee our country being basically flushed down the toilet. I am scared of our future and I pray that God will save us in the end. Bless all of you who will suffer most from the outcome. 

Review: 60 Days In

I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be but I was surprised at the reality of the situation. I have been to jail so I know what goes on in there and I would never volunteer to go so I give props to the people who did. I hope that this will help change the way the jail is run and that it helped those who have never experienced incarceration to see what people do go through inside. I am glad that I watched.