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Thanks A lot, America…

 I am writing this as the last of the votes are coming in and wow.. I am so sad thinking about the way things are going to be with Trump as a president. Girls will be molested and ridiculed because the president says it’s ok. The people who are different from what he decides is normal will be chased out of America, back to the hell most came here to escape from. I am not sure what to do myself but I foresee our country being basically flushed down the toilet. I am scared of our future and I pray that God will save us in the end. Bless all of you who will suffer most from the outcome. 

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I’m Scared… Are You?

I am praying that America votes correctly in the upcoming presidential election. I have to say that Hilary will be the less if two evils. I am pissed off about Trump saying that shit about our heroes who go to war to defend us against the terrorism other countries suffer from daily while he sits on his ass collecting money from all his enterprises. He is dangerous for our country and I truly believe that he will somehow piss off another country enough to bomb us and it scares me to think about all the other damage he will cause us. Please help us live in peace and don’t vote for that money hungry selfish bastard!

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Why I Will Never Vote Again 

I got to use my voting privilege for the first time in the 2000 presidential election. I was all proud to be able to make a difference in the world and thought (stupidly) that my voice mattered. I later found out that, even though the American people, with the popular vote saying that one person won, were outvoted by a few hundred rich people with their electoral votes. I then realized that a million of us will never be a match for a few rich people and their opinions. I decided that day, I will never bother to pretend my voting would matter. I just sit back and watch the drama do it’s thing. Happy voting, and have a nice day!,😂