Thank You Day (January 13, 2017)

Woke up at around 5 am today

Hopeful for things to go my way

Hustled a few bucks for food

Enjoyed a rather decent mood

Ice storm warning on TV

But I didn’t let it phase me

Spent much needed time alone

Checked my email on my phone

Ate a nice meal and snuggled in bed

Ignoring the racing thoughts in my head

Now I lie here ready to sleep

Praying my soul, the Lord will keep

Goodnight to all, sleep real tight

Thank you Day for going alright!


All The Same (1/8/2017)

We all wake up to the same sunshine, the same cloudy sky

All of us laugh out loud, and all of us break down and cry

We all see the same moon, wish upon the same stars

All of us have a past, we each bear the same kind of scars

Our blood is red when we bleed, all of us carry a heart

We all have times we feel dumb, and when we feel smart

All of us are born to be great beings, our paths we choose

We all get to win once or twice, and all of us get to lose

One day all of us pass on to wherever death leads us to

We all get to look back at what we had to go through

So what makes you feel that you are superior to anyone here?

Like it or not, we are all the same, my dear….


An Original Poem by Carrie Roxanne Jones™

Falling Out Of Love (Carrie Roxanne Jones, 10/25/16)

Ashamed of myself and you are too

No longer worthy of your love and affection

Apart from you I thrive and I smile

Guess we are No longer headed in the same direction

All of a sudden I am not good enough

Once upon a time you treated me so well

But I have been hiding the truth from even myself

If Love ever resided here nobody can tell

Thanks so much for the time we were okay

It was nice to gain more memories to hold dear

Good luck with the rest of your own life, see ya

I will be fine all alone without you here

Maybe (By Carrie Roxanne Jones, 10-19-2016)

Maybe this is my fault

Maybe I deserve the pain

Maybe I asked for this

Maybe I will go insane

Maybe you are really right

Maybe I should just die

Maybe I should go to hell

Maybe I need to cry

Maybe I will do your will

Maybe I will go away

Maybe I will be an angel

Maybe God will take me today

To My Mom (written for Alison Beller’s Kids)

How do I continue my life 

You were my best friend 

I am so alone and so sad 

But we will meet in the end 

I hope you are in heaven 

Looking down on me today 

I feel like you are with me 

And can hear what I say 

I know I will get through 

I have you in my heart 

I thank God I had you

Even though we had to part