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Thanks A lot, America…

 I am writing this as the last of the votes are coming in and wow.. I am so sad thinking about the way things are going to be with Trump as a president. Girls will be molested and ridiculed because the president says it’s ok. The people who are different from what he decides is normal will be chased out of America, back to the hell most came here to escape from. I am not sure what to do myself but I foresee our country being basically flushed down the toilet. I am scared of our future and I pray that God will save us in the end. Bless all of you who will suffer most from the outcome. 

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I have been watching the things that are being made public that have come out of Trump’s mouth and wow… As a mother of three daughters I’m praying that he is not elected president of the United States or all of our daughters are in trouble. I am shocked at how much he objectifies women and how perverted he really is. I am really afraid that he will be in power and it will set women back decades. I hope that anyone who votes really sees this as a threat. I know that Hilary Clinton has some bad history, but there are no tapes of her talking about grabbing women’s crotches. And her husband and what he did isn’t worth talking about anymore. I got over that way back in the 90’s, didn’t you?