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Easy Breakfast Burritos

  1. Scramble 6 eggs, top with 8 oz shredded cheese
  2. Scramble up or heat 8 oz sausage, mix with eggs and Cheese.
  3. Mix up a package of white pepper gravy
  4. Use taco sized tortillas and spoon egg mixture in each one and top with gravy, you can also add salsa or taco sauce
  5. Makes 4 large Burritos or 8 smaller ones
  6. Yummmm!!!!

To My Mom (written for Alison Beller’s Kids)

How do I continue my life 

You were my best friend 

I am so alone and so sad 

But we will meet in the end 

I hope you are in heaven 

Looking down on me today 

I feel like you are with me 

And can hear what I say 

I know I will get through 

I have you in my heart 

I thank God I had you

Even though we had to part 

The Message (by Carrie Jones)

I got a message today 

It was from a mutual friend 

He told me that you were gone 

That you took your life away.

I scream into the air 

Tears burn like acid 

Can’t believe it, won’t believe it 

This can’t be true.

You were my brother on the streets 

My gift from above 

You listened, you smiled at me 

You hugged me and loved me.

And you left me here 

Without you beside me 

I scream into the emptiness 

Please come back to me…

The Saddest Songs I Know 

  1. “Just a Dream”- Carrie Underwood 
  2. “One Sweet Day”- Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men 
  3. “Who you’d be Today”- Kenny Chesney 
  4. “Whiskey Lullaby”- Brad Paisley and Alison Krause 
  5. “I Will Remember You”- Sarah McLaughlin 
  6. “Fade to Black”- Metallica
  7. “End of the World”- Brenda Lee
  8. “Someone Like You”- Adele 
  9. “My Immortal”- Evanescence 
  10. ” The One that Got Away”- Katy Perry