Since I lost my job on Christmas Eve, lost to a person who pretended to be a friend, I have to go out and fly a cardboard sign. I don’t know what to do other than that until maybe I should get lucky again someday and get another job. Anyway, flying consists of holding a small cardboard sign, with words such as “Anything helps, Bless you” or “Job Needed, Please pray 4 me”. And I stand in a median for sometimes hours, hoping and praying that someone will be kind enough to give me some change. I have lost a lot of my own self respect, often crying and stressing about how I will survive seeing as some days I get $30-$50+ and some I only get a buck or two. I get called names by people who are passing by in cars, told to “Get a job!”, as though I really want to be standing out in front of strangers looking dumb for hours at hardly any compensation. So I beg of those assholes, please let me be. I want to work, trust me, but I also need to get by sometimes and I don’t steal or prostitute myself, so it’s the only way I have at this time. Prayers please, not hatred….


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