Things To Think About Before Adopting A Dog

  • Their size(will they get bigger?)
  • Your budget (Can I really afford this?)
  • Commitment (will I have the time to properly care for it?)
  • Temperament (is the dog hyper or docile?)
  • Spay or neuter (is the dog fixed? If not,what will be the cost?)
  • Hair (will it need to be brushed daily?)
  • Teeth (are they in good shape or will the dog need immediate dental care?)
  • Damage (will the dog chew on or destroy things?)
  • Dangerous plants (do I have plants that my dog could chew and get poisoned?)
  • Dog sitting (who will watch my dog if there is an emergency?)
  • Dog food (what kind does the dog eat and which is better?)
  • Accessories (bed, toys, etc.)
  • Vet (what vet will I take the dog to for shots and care?)

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