Why Is My Life Such A Bitch?

I’m another year older….yay…I know I should be happy to get the chance to live, be thankful for each day, but I feel so cursed. Everyone who ever cared for me is gone from this earth and I will probably die alone. I don’t know what I’m doing here still.I keep hearing about how life is precious, a gift to be thankful for, but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking “bullshit!” I have no true friends anymore, and my family is gone as well. So I have begun to believe that somehow I am being punished for a past transgression,one that I continue to suffer for daily. I don’t understand because I know that I’m not a horrible person who deserves eternal pain and suffering. So I struggle with my life, and have often prayed through burning tears for the Lord Jesus Christ to please put me out of this misery before I go totally insane. But to this day, I have heard nothing….so as I try to fall asleep, hopefully to dream about something that helps me escape from this Hell, I wrap my blanket tightly around my body, close my weary eyes, and silently beg for mercy, that when I do have to crawl out of my cocoon, it won’t be quite so excruciatingly painful this time…


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