D AND I have been together over three years now. After just a few slight mishaps here and there, for a long time, we seemed to be making it ok. But as we have spent more time apart, I find myself feeling really uncomfortable with our relationship, where before I was quite content. Maybe I have a deep seated jealousy due to the fact he gets to have fun running around with his friends while I am trapped home and all alone. He’s not even the same person I fell in love with anymore. He makes me feel like an obstacle rather than a partner. I am expected to listen to him drone on and on about his daily life, but I don’t have the right to unload back to him. He just sits there with his freaking phone watching YouTube videos all night, shutting me off it seems. It sucks to watch the relationship I worked so Damn hard to build into something beautiful just fall to pieces before my eyes. I’m drowning with no life preserver to keep me afloat. What’s really sad is that I don’t know if I even want to be saved at all…..


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