The Right To Be A Human Being

I love people…all races, sexes, sexual orientations, etc. Just people in general who are cool with great hearts. I am bisexual and have known this fact since I was around 8 years old, crushing on Madonna and really not sure what that meant. I just knew that I wanted to be with her. I have several friends who are transgender, straight, gay, etc. I love all of them. Why should it matter who they love and how? I was brought up to be friendly to those who are friendly to me. I have grown so sick of biases and profiling. My friend, Brahmie Love, was born mostly male, but as I got to know my friend, made a beautiful woman and I love her so much. If you can’t see past the cover of a person, then screw you…you aren’t worth knowing and definitely don’t deserve to know me or my gorgeous variety of human beings. Love, peace, and freedom to all!


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