All The Same (1/8/2017)

We all wake up to the same sunshine, the same cloudy sky

All of us laugh out loud, and all of us break down and cry

We all see the same moon, wish upon the same stars

All of us have a past, we each bear the same kind of scars

Our blood is red when we bleed, all of us carry a heart

We all have times we feel dumb, and when we feel smart

All of us are born to be great beings, our paths we choose

We all get to win once or twice, and all of us get to lose

One day all of us pass on to wherever death leads us to

We all get to look back at what we had to go through

So what makes you feel that you are superior to anyone here?

Like it or not, we are all the same, my dear….


An Original Poem by Carrie Roxanne Jones™


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