Still Can’t Believe It 

Alison Beller was my boss and friend and suddenly died when she had a heart attack last Saturday. She was only in her 50s, and left behind four kids and grandkids as well. I am having a hard time with this because it was so sudden and unexpected. She was in a spectacular mood immediately before she passed. She was always out moving around and rarely complained about health issues. I don’t understand why this happened. I guess God just needed her now. My friends who are around her age are freaking out because they feel it could also happen to them. I wish I could have seen some signs or symptoms ahead of time, but there’s nothing I can do. I know that Alison hated going to the doctor and now I am thinking about trying to find myself one so I can try to get any health issues I have put in check. I would advise you to do this for yourself so you don’t leave behind loved ones with the questions she has. Love and peace to all.


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