My Brother The Immortal 

Left behind, trying to deal with this,

I am drowning in so much grief now,

Decided to die, then hung yourself, went away ,

What, did you think we would forget somehow?

You could’ve came to me and you knew that,

Could’ve talked, worked through the pain,

Now I am scarred for the rest of my life ,

Ended your misery and hell was our unwanted gain.

So the days are a little less sunny, not so warm,

The ghost of you stalking me, always around,

I wanna hug you, then shake you as I scream and shout,

But there is nothing I can do, you’re in the cold ground…



4 thoughts on “My Brother The Immortal 

  1. Aww mommak1977 I am sorry for the loss of your brother I know all to well how that feel’s and such a sorrowful piece…. 😃 but it’s always good to express your inner feelings to help get them out instead of keeping them bottled up inside…

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